Elmhurst Harvest Real Walnut Walnut Beverage, Premium, Chocolate

Plant-based milk alternatives. 100 calories per serving. No lactose, no soy, no gluten, & GMO free. No added preservatives. Goodness in every sip. Walnuts have long been a symbol of intellectuality. That's because the shell resembles a human skull and the kernel looks like a brain! In Greece, they are even known as karyon, meaning head. With such a great reputation, isn't it about time Walnuts became a drink? Real Walnut is a light and creamy drink perfect for smoothies, pouring over your cereal, or by itself as a refreshing beverage. Real Walnut Premium Walnut Beverage is - an excellent source of calcium; an excellent source of vitamin D; an excellent source of vitamin E; an excellent source of vitamin B 12; a good source of vitamin A. Scan to learn more about Elmhurst Harvest and our line of wholesome products. Celebrating nearly 100 years! Elmhurst Dairy has been providing fresh quality milk to New Yorkers since 1920 when our founder and grandfather Max Schwartz started the dairy in the back of his father's barn. Max was committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and integrity. Today, our family stays true to that commitment. After nearly 100 years of serving America's largest market, Elmhurst knows how to create products that endure. Our dedication to bringing customers the very best has led us to evolve. We are proud to launch Elmhurst Harvest! Elmhurst Harvest is a new and innovative line of non-dairy milk alternatives. They are made with the best ingredients and blended with the utmost care. Grab one today and taste the difference Elmhurst makes! www.elmhurstharvest.com. FSC: Mix - Board from responsible sources. www.fsc.org. Made in USA.