Delallo Toasts, Focaccia, Crispy, Sesame

No artificial colors or flavors. Per 3 Pieces: 140 calories; 1 g sat fat (5% DV); 300 mg sodium (13% DV); 1 g sugars. No GMOs. Since 1950. Handcrafted all natural + twice-baked. About our Focaccia Toasts: DeLallo Sesame Focaccia Toasts are artisan-made focaccia breadsticks ready to upgrade antipasto platters, cheese boards and all your gourmet snacking occasions. Crafted in Northern Italy, these all-natural crisps begin as small batches of freshly baked focaccia bread. Once cooled, focaccia is sliced into thick strips and then baked on both sides for an irresistibly toasty crunch. Our Sesame Focaccia Toasts are studded with toasted sesame seeds for a savory, nutty flavor with a warm crunch. Toasty Serving Inspiration: Focaccia Toasts are super versatile with a wide surface perfect for spreading your favorite bruschetta, tapenade, dips, creamy cheeses and more. Snack on them straight from the box or serve as an antipasto toast alongside specialty cheeses, cured meats, olives and other charcuterie favorites. Enjoy them as a toasty, savory accent to salads, soups and pasta dishes. Goat Cheese + Olive Tapenade. Caprese-Style: Fresh Mozzarella + Pesto + Tomatoes. Blue Cheese + Fresh Pears + Honey. Creamy Brie + Fig Spread + Honey. Made in Italy. Product of Italy.