Darielle Mezze Penne

Only 10 net carbs per serving! High protein soy. All natural. High fiber. High protein. Cholesterol free. Non GMO. Darielle Pasta Has: 1/4 the net carbs, 4 times the protein & 4 times the fiber, as regular pasta! Net effective carbs 10 g (total carbs 18 g minus fiber 8 g). Low fat diets rich in fiber-containing grain product, fruit and vegetables may reduce the risk of some type of cancers a disease associated with many factors. Less Net Carbs: Darielle - 10 g; Ordinary Pasta: 44 g. Less Calories: Darielle - 160; Ordinary Pasta: 210. More Protein: Darielle - 28 g; Ordinary Pasta: 7 g. More Calcium: Darielle - 15% USRDA; Ordinary Pasta: 0%. More Fiber: Darielle - 8 g; Ordinary Pasta: 2 g. Enjoy the benefits of Darielle Pasta: A daily intake of 25 g of soy-protein together with a low-saturated fat and low-cholesterol diet may reduce the risk of heart disease. A serving of Darielle Pasta provides 20 g of soy-protein. Made in Italy from a special blend of flours naturally low in carbohydrates, with a traditional pasta taste. Product of Italy.