Dream Cow Yogurt, Cherry Chai

Grass-fed cream top yogurt. Grass-fed moo healthier you. Dreaming cows are grass-fed year round making happy cows and tastier, healthier moo for you! All natural, grade A. No preservatives. No added hormones. No refined sugar. Non-homogenized. Georgia Weather: Lots of sunshine precipitation, and no snow for our dreaming cows + New Zealand Style Grazing: Unconfined, grass-fed bliss all year round makes happy cows + Healthy Soils: Nutrient rich and high in organic matter; our soils grow quality grass. facebook.com/dreamingcow. Our Moo is Better for You: Grass fed milk = healthier yogurt. Our focus is quality not quantity, which concentrates all the good stuff in your moo. Grass-fed is higher in vitamin A and contains CLA's, omega 3's and beta carotene. www.dreamingcow.com. Georgia grown New Zealand style.