Smart Balance Buttery Spread, Omega Plus, Non-Hydrogenated

American Culinary Chef's Best, 2005 Best Taste Award. Plant sterols, balanced fats, 550 mg Omega-3 per serving, no trans fats. 67% Natural vegetable oils. Helps promote healthy cholesterol & triglycerides. [Helps maintain healthy blood lipids for those with normal cholesterol & triglyceride levels.] 1. Contains free (non-chemically modified) natural plant sterols. Phytosterols are added to foods to help lower cholesterol, as part of heart-healthy diet and exercise regimen. Contains 450 mg/serving. We suggest 2 or 3 servings per day. 2. With EPA, DHA & plant-source Omega-3's. Long chain Omega-3: 150 mg serving. short-chain Omega-3: 400 mg serving. 3. Favorable ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids. A four to one ratio to Omega-6 to Omega-3's is considered excellent. Contains 2200 mg Omega-6 and 550 mg Omega-3's (4:1 ratio). 4. No hydrogenated oils or trans fatty acids. Trans fats can raise cholesterol. 5. Precise balance of fats. Helps improve HDL/LDL) ratio with this spread, or our food plan, making up at least 2/3 of dietary fats; total fat limited to about 30% of calories (65g/day); saturated fat to under 10% (20g/day) and dietary cholesterol under 300 mg/day with regular exercise. Avoid foods with partially hydrogenated oil to reduce trans fatty acids. Excellent taste for table use and for cooking. Gluten free. Now with plant sterols & Omega-3 from the sea.