Lactaid Lactose Free Fat Free Milk

Lactaid Brand®Delicious and Nutritious!Enjoy All That Milk Has to OfferLactaid® Milk is delicious and nutritious. Each glass provides 9 essential nutrients you and your family need, the calcium and vitamin D for strong bones, vitamin A to support good vision and protein to help build and maintain lean muscle. Just three servings of milk each day can help you and your family maintain a healthy, balanced diet.Lactaid® MIlk. The original 100% lactose free milk. Lactaid Brand® 100% Real Milk Discomfort.Did You Know... that Lactaid® Milk is 100% real, farm-fresh milk with all of the vitamins and calcium found in milk, but none of the lactose?That's What Makes Lactaid® Milk So Great.You can fully enjoy it without stomach discomfort, while benefitting from all the healthy goodness inside. Easy to Digest Easy to Open Cap