Friendship Buttermilk Cultured, Light, 1.5% Milkfat

Friendship Dairies® Cultured Buttermilk Light. 1.5% Milkfat. Good source of protein & vitamin A & D. Traditional flavor. 56% Less fat & 20% less calories than regular cultured buttermilk. Excellent source of calcium. No salt added. Not a sodium free food. With active cultures. One quart (946 ml). Grade A. Pasteurized. Fat reduced from 8g to 3.5g. Calories reduced from 150 to 120 compared to regular buttermilk. Whether you're looking for a quick nutritious meal or to add flavor to your favorite dish, look for other selection of products in the dairy aisle including Friendship Dairies® Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream & Farmer cheese. Friendship Dairies® is a registered trademark owned by Friendship Dairies, LLC. All rights reserved. Call 800-854-3243. Visit ©2017 Friendship Dairies, LLC.