Five Acres Farms Plain Kefir

Cultured whole milk. Local. Local fresh. Probiotic drink. No hormones added. No additives or thickeners. Grade A. Homogenized. Pasteurized. Positively local. Sunrise Family Farms. Produced from cows not treated with rbST. No significant difference from milk derived from rbST treated cows and those not treated. Sandy Grant; Dave Evans; Charlie Reinshagen: Sunrise Family Farms, Norwich, New York. This batch of milk comes from Sunrise Family Farms. Dave, Charlie and Sandy work with 10 local dairy farms and employ 50 people, boosting the regional economy. When you enjoy our milk, with cereal or straight up, you strengthen the local economy and help build communities. We create jobs by partnering with local farmers, processors and other businesses. Find out why Local matters.