Mooala Organic Bananamilk, Original, 48Oz.

Plant-based. Meet Moala: He has spots like a cow but lives in a tree. In fact, he is almost exactly like a regular koala, except he picks nuts, seeds & fruit from his favorite trees, and blends them into the most delicious, organic plant-based beverages in a secret Mooala factory. Then, he leaves bottles at your favorite grocery store, hides, and waits for you to pick them up! (Sometimes he follows you home!) Pronounced like koala! (moo-ah-luh). Bananamilk? You guys are nuts! But we're not nuts. We're totally bananas. Our Original Bananamilk recipe fuses pureed bananas and roasted sunflower seeds into a silky, creamy balance that's topped off with a dash of cinnamon. There are no refined sugars, no dairy, and no nuts. It's delicious in cereal, smoothies, baking treats, and - yes - it will even lighten your coffee. C'mon. Be bananas with us. Real bananas. Dash of cinnamon. Carrageenan free. Koalas recycle and you should too! (Remove label before recycling). Texas owned & operated.