Olivio Premium Spread

Real butter taste! The goodness of olive oil. Olivio was born in the vineyards of our family's villa in Tuscany, Italy. To encourage our friends back home to use more olive oil, we blended golden olive oil into a delicious buttery spread. A spread that adds a unique, savory flavor when melted on top of steaming fresh vegetables and smooth creaminess to a hunk of crusty rustic bread. So enjoy life's precious moments, slow down and live well with Olivio. - Ned and Kate. Come to my kitchen and let's get cooking! - Anna Rossi. And I'm excited to show you how at olivio.com! Iacocca Family Foundation has donated more than $40 million to diabetes research. To Learn More Please Visit: www.iacoccafoundation.org. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. www.olivio.com. Per Serving: Olivio: 8 g total fat; 1.5 g sat fat; 80 cal; 0 mg chol; Margarine: 11 g total fat; 2 g sat fat; 100 cal; 0 mg chol; Butter: 11 g total fat; 7 g sat fat; 100 cal; 30 mg chol. Produced with genetic engineering. www.olivio.com.