Botanical Interests Seeds, Pepper, Sweet, California Wonder Orange

Capsicum annuum. USDA organic. Warm season. 75 days from transplanting after last chance of spring frost. Heirloom. This vibrant, glowing orange pepper will dress up your stuffed pepper dinner, salads, or crudites tray. Crisp and flavorful. California Wonder Orange is delicious raw, stuffed and baked, stir-fried, or grilled. Peppers start out green, then ripen to orange with sweeter flavor and higher vitamin content; use in either stage. Freezes well. This packet yields approximately 16 plants when started indoors. More info inside. We are dedicated to inspiring & educating the gardener in you. That's why we've put even more helpful information inside. No GMOs. All our seeds are untreated. Certified organic by the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture.