Samuel Adams Brewmaster's Collection Porter, Honey

A full-flavored and full-bodied English porter, this brew has a substantial roasted malt character. Brewed with traditional English ale hops and sweetened with Scottish heather honey. The honey balances the spiciness from the hops and the roasted malt character. The beer is finished by dry hopping with English Goldings. Jim Koch. Founder & brewer. Malty and robust with a unique floral sweetness. Color: deep black garnet. Beer Lover's Choice competition: In the Fall of 2006, we held special tastings in bars across America for the Beer Lover's Choice program. Beer lovers were given the opportunity to sample up to three current Samuel Adams styles (Samuel Adams Boston Lager Sam Adams Light & our Seasonal) and two new Samuel Adams beers: Sample A (Honey Porter) and Sample B (Smoked Lager). Over 10,000 Beer Lovers across the country voted and chose Samuel Adams Honey Porter to be the 2007 addition to the Brewmaster's Collection. Cheers! Signature Ingredients: Munich and Caramel, Malted Barley, Goldings & Fuggles hops.