Harpoon ufo White 6pk

Harpoon's unfiltered offering. Partly cloudy, 38 degrees. Serve with orange. Light, crisp, refreshing UFO White follows in the tradition of spices wheat beers that have been brewed in Belgium for well over 300 years. Brewed with orange peel and a unique blend of spices, UFO White is the perfect choice for a summer barbecue, a night out with friends or any time you're thirsting for something a little different. Like UFO Hefeweizen and UFO Raspberry Hefeweizen, we leave UFO White Unfiltered for a more natural taste and appearance. We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy making it! www.ufohefeweizen.com. www.harpoonbrewery.com. The Breweries: Come visit us! Harpoon Brewery: 306 Northern Avenue, Boston, Ma; 336 Ruth Carney Drive, Windsor, VT.