Bauli IL Panettone

Soft and delicate. No preservatives; naturally leavened. Oven-baked. Filled with raisins, glazed orange peels. Italy's No. 1 Panettone. Enjoy this Italian tradition, share it and make it your own. Italians serve Panettone during the holiday season for breakfast, dessert or a snack. But, Panettone is also perfect anytime, and the long life makes it easy to keep an extra one at home to share with family and friends. It is an ideal holiday gift for those special people in your life. It is so good, you will ask why it is called a holiday cake. The answer is simple, it is tradition. Today, Bauli is acknowledged as the leader in the category and the Bauli brand is No. 1 in the Italian market. Ready to enjoy! Bauli Panettone is a classic Italian cake, rich in tradition as well as taste. Panettone, by definition, is Italian, and ours is made according to a centuries-old recipe with soft raisins and delicious glazed orange peels. A naturally genuine product, Panettone rises and bakes to a light and delicious cake because the dough is naturally leavened and requires no chemical additives or preservatives. Our soft and delicate Panettone is given the time to reach perfection. Our Panettone is given the time to reach perfection. The added benefit of natural leavening is the unusually long life of the product, making Panettone an ideal treat anytime. Naturally leavened product. Does not contain genetically modified ingredients (maize, soya). Product of Italy.