Stonefire Artisan Pizza Crust

Authentic flatbreads. No preservatives added (beyond those naturally occurring preservatives in cultured wheat flour). Baked in a stone oven. Stonefire Italian Artisan Pizza Crust is an authentic, hand stretched crust made with traditional ingredients and no added preservatives. Our pizza crust is baked at high heat in a stone oven to give it the look and taste of an authentic Italian Artisan Pizza Crust. Our unique rectangular shape makes it easier to top, serve and eat. Our Story: With over 40 years experience, Stonefire Bakery is a family run operation with a simple mission - to make one of a kind, authentic flatbreads. Stonefire pizza crusts are made with traditional ingredients and baking methods and contain no synthetic dyes, no added preservatives, 0 g trans fat and no hydrogenated oils. For great recipes and serving suggestions go to: Like us on Facebook: Receive access to exclusive product offers, promotions, recipes and our special event schedule! Product of Canada.