Bachman Golden Crisp Pretzels, Sourdough Specials

Baked to taste great! Bachman's Sourdough Specials Golden Crisp Pretzels have over a century of Bachman pretzel baking know-how and artistry built right in. The enriched, soft red winter wheat flour, frequently harvested here in Pennsylvania, is the foundation of Bachman's Specials Golden Crisp Pretzel sourdough. This special dough is developed slowly over seventeen hours allowing the wonderful classic sourdough to reach its full flavor potential. When ready, the sourdough is individually formed into uniquely shaped Specials and gently salted with bright white salt crystals. Moving slowly through Bachman's authentic, vintage brick ovens, our Sourdough Specials gain their delightful Golden Crisp color and light, airy texture. Finally, when slowly baked to perfection, Bachman's Sourdough Specials are packaged for freshness in this foil bag and delivered directly to your store. They're baked to taste great, enjoy! Sourdough that Golden Treasure: Gold was not the only treasure of the miners of the California Gold Rush. It was not unlike them to be as protective about their Sourdough starters. For many, during this long and difficult time, bread was their main sustenance. The use of Sourdough was the accepted method of leavening bread, since it made the bread rise, giving it a light, airy texture. Pioneer bakers would save portions of the baked bread to start the next batch hence the term Sourdough starter came into and some starters have been known to be 100 years old. The uniqueness of Sourdough flavor undoubtedly has contributed to its renaissance in baking today and we trust you will enjoy one of our treasures. Made in USA.