Alvita Tea Bags, Caffeine Free, Oatstraw

For more than 75 years, long before it became fashionable, Alvita was championing the profound health-giving properties of herbal teas. We travel to the far reaches of the globe for the finest herbs, the best growers, the most precious sources. Small wonder that so many consumers trust the Alvita name. Today, it stands for more than 100 different teas, including classic single herb varieties, and our unique Alvita blends. The package you hold in your hand combines ancient herbal wisdom with modern science, and brings to you all the richness and benefits of herbal teas. This philosophy is the very reason why you will find sensible, English pillow style tea bags that are oxygen bleached, not chlorine treated. And why you won't find any strings, tags, or staples. We thank you for choosing our product, but more importantly, we thank you for the trust you've put in the herbal values that we all share. Alvita. Natural herb teas that are good for you and the environment. It is believed that Oats and Oatstraw (Avena Sativa) originated in three widely separate geographic regions: Abyssinia, the Mediterranean and China. Today, the grain is grown primarily in the U.S., Canada, Russia and Germany. Considered mostly a food, the whole plant has health-giving as well as nutritional value. Oatstraw contains flavones and saponins. Oatstraw can be taken as a delightful tea, sweetened with honey, and is valuable for its health benefits.