General FAQ Help Center: Shopping List

How do I create a shopping list?

You can create a shopping list either by adding items directly from your store’s weekly circular, or add items via the different departments in our Shopping section.

Am I able to create multiple lists?

Yes! Creating multiple can be very helpful when shopping for special occasions or holidays.

How do I order the items I put in my Shopping List?

If your store offers Pick Up or Delivery, there will be a “Checkout’ button that appears in your shopping list.

Does Foodtown offer home delivery or in-store pick up service for grocery orders?

At select locations only. Visit our store locator to find the home delivery and in-store pick up stores nearest to you.

Can I add items to my list from the online weekly circular?

Simply hover over the product you wish to add and click to add to your list. If an item offers a variety of flavors/products, you will be prompted to choose the exact one you would like to add to your list.