A Dorm Room Grocery List for Back to School Success

Meal plans can be expensive and even if you’re lucky enough to have an unlimited meal option, it’s always smart to stock your dorm room with snacks and ingredients for simple meals. After all, the cafeteria won’t always be open and a rainy day might make your mini fridge and microwave way more appealing than the walk across campus. As you stock up on notebooks and pack your suitcase, don’t forget to add a trip to your nearby Foodtown grocery store to your to-do list! Use our handy dorm room grocery list to ensure you have everything you need to kick off a great year.

Check Off your College Grocery Shopping List at Foodtown

Whether you’re heading off to college for your freshmen year or looking forward to graduating in the spring, packing up for the fall semester can be stressful. The affordable prices and ongoing savings of Foodtown grocery stores are perfect for budget-minded students and their parents. Don’t forget to bring this dorm room grocery list during your next trip!

Locate a Foodtown supermarket near you to prepare for dorm life. Be sure to browse our weekly circular for ongoing savings, perfect for college budgets.