6 Healthy Steps to Follow While Quarantined

By: Jacqueline Gomes, RDN, MBA

  1. Establish a Routine: Write down a basic routine for you, and for your family if you have kids. Try to model what you were doing in your normal daily life. For instance, get ready like you’re going to work (except no suit); maybe that means a bit of make up or you do your hair. You’ll be amazed at how this practice makes you feel “ready for your day”!
  2. Plan your meals for 5-7 days: This will help you create a robust list to be sure you’ve got everything you need. Since most people are trying to limit numerous trips to the store, I would emphasize this step.
  3. Work out: If you’re not someone who already has an exercise regimen, well this is a great time to get started! Gyms are providing dozens of free workouts on their social media pages. Even as a beginner you can go at a slower pace and still receive great benefit. Even with no formal place to go I’m getting up at around 5am to workout, shower and check a few emails before my kids get up.
  4. Get outside: The fresh air will do wonders for your mental state. If its sunny, even better! There is no reason why you can’t go for a walk. Just avoid playground areas and equipment that can still spread disease. I’ve been taking my kids on hikes and the emotional reward is amazing.
  5. Stick to a healthy diet: Now is not the time to start unhealthy habits – many of us have anxiety induced behaviors that either create overeating scenarios or the opposite, you may feel like you’ve lost your appetite. By sticking to #2 and planning out your meals as well as prepping them you’ll have a variety of healthy foods to choose from.
  6. Stay hydrated. It’s easy to skip out on water when we’re not in our normal day to day activities. Track your water bottle and urine to make sure you’re drinking enough. Try lemon, lime or frozen fruit to jazz up plain water!