Caboo Pet Wipes Bamboo

Deodorizing. Conditioning. Tree & nylon free. For cleans pet and a happy planet. Hypoallergenic. Viscose derived from renewable bamboo. Pampers pet and the planet. Tree free and made with ultra soft, extra strong renewable bamboo. Perfect for daily odors and grime, or a quick refresh between baths. Safe from head to tail, for paws, ears, nose, coat and bum. Caboo Pet Wipes: Made from bamboo fiber. 99% naturally derived. Bamboo = renewable versus Leading Pet Wipes: Nylon or wood blend. Synthetic ingredients. Microplastics = pollution. The world loses 137 species of plants, animals and bugs each day to deforestation. 99% naturally derived (Active ingredients) for clean pets and a happy planet. Made Safe: Made with safe ingredients. Made Safe certified ingredients. Visit for more information. Dispose of accordance with federal, provincial and local requirements. Please recycle container. Not tested on animals. Caboo Planet Re-Leaf: 0 trees cut, 1 tree planted. For more info, visit