Zen Water 1 Liter Loose

Per 1l bottle, based on 7 g, 500 ml bottle. +9.5 ph (Approximately 9.5 pH) alkaline. Vapor distilled water and electrolytes for taste. Thirst for change. Carbonlite. NYSHD Cert. 623. zenwtr.com. SmartLabel: Scan with your camera to learn more. Join us to make change it zenwtr.com. 100% recycled (Closure & label made from 100% recyclable materials) from ocean-bound plastic. Thirsty for change. Our bottles are made with 100% recycled. Certified ocean-bound plastic. In fact, up to 5 plastic bottles are rescued from coastal environments to make our bottle, saving them from reaching the ocean. Now, that's refreshing, just like our vapor distilled, ionized alkaline water. Drink in harmony with Zenwtr and do something positive for you and our environment! For the Oceans 1%. We give back to ocean conservation. BPA free. 100% Recyclable plastic bottle.