World Centric Napkins, Lunch, 2-Ply

13 in x 13 in. Made from wheat straw not trees. For a better world. High quality. Unbleached. Compostable wrapping (appropriate facilities may not exist in your area, please check with local officials). Minimum 90% wheat straw. Certified B corporation. Unbleached lunch napkins. Thank you for your interest in preserving our forests. Most paper napkins are made from fiber obtained by cutting down trees. We encourage reusable napkins whenever possible, but if you must use disposable napkins, ours are made from discarded wheat straw fiber (90% minimum), a plant that is grown every year. The wheat straw fiber is a by-product of growing wheat for food. Converting agricultural fiber into paper requires less energy than tree-based fiber, and unbleached tissue requires less water and fewer chemicals. Our mission is to raise awareness of how our choices impact the planet and to provide products that can reduce this impact. In addition to being a Certified B Corp and a California Benefit Corporation, we offset all our carbon emissions and invest at least 25% of our profits in grassroots environmental and social organizations. By choosing to support us, you are also supporting a new kind of business, whose purpose is social and environmental benefit. Together, we can create a better world. Please see our website to learn more: Wrapping is compostable in a commercial composting facility (appropriate facilities may not exist in your area, please check with local officials). Made in China.