Wholesome Goodness Honey Walnut Crunch

Whole grain clusters made with ancient grains including amaranth, spelt and quinoa with wheat & rice flakes mixed with walnuts and honey. Love foods that love you back. Simple. Naturally delicious. 28 g whole grain per serving. Excellent source of fiber (Contains 6 g total fat per serving. See nutrition information for fat content). 5 g protein per serving. Low in saturated fat. 0 g trans fat per serving. 0 mg cholesterol. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Whole Grain: 28 grams per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. WholeGrainsCouncil.org. Good to know. What's in your cereal? When it comes to cereal, we take great pride in delivering a terrific variety of whole grain based products that make for a perfect start to your morning or as an anytime snack. Our Honey Walnut Clusters & Flakes are made from whole grain oats and barley combined with an ancient whole grain medley including spelt, amaranth and quinoa and provide 28 g whole grain and 5 g of protein per serving. They are an excellent source of fiber (Contains 6 g total fat per serving. see nutrition information for fat content), low in saturated fat and are cholesterol and trans fat free. Wholesome Goodness was founded to provide you and your family with foods that are: naturally delicious; simply nutritious; affordably priced. After more than 30 years each in the food business, we're on a mission to replace food that has become highly processed, loaded with sodium and fat, and made with ingredients that you don't recognize and can't pronounce. Like you, we're concerned about the dramatic rise of obesity, chronic illness, and diabetes, and we want to make a real difference. We've taken years to craft recipes that use real ingredients and strike the right balance between flavor and nutrition. The result is better-for-you food that you can trust and your family will love. Once you try Wholesome Goodness, you'll find it easy to love foods that love you back. - Jeff & Rick Co-Founders, Wholesome Goodness, LLC. Love foods that love you back was coined by Wholesome Goodness nutrition adviser, Dr. David Katz, MD, and his wife, Catherine Katz, PhD, founder of Cuisinicity.com. Learn more about Dr. Katz at www.davidkatzmd.com. Try our other great cold cereals. We're Committed to the Whole Mission: Free of high fructose corn syrup. Free of artificial flavors. Free of cholesterol. Free of trans fat. Free of hydrogenated oils. Free of over 120 ingredients used by other food companies. Better Ingredients: Better ingredients deliver better flavor and nutrition. The key to making our products delicious and nutritious is the thoughtful crafting of nature's most scrumptious and nutritionally dense ingredients. Wholesome Goodness bans over 120 ingredients that we don't think should be in food, but theyre used by other food companies. Artificial and highly processed components are simply not wholesome. Sustainability: Protecting our environment is something we believe in. The paperboard used in our packaging and cases is made from 100% recycled material with a minimum 60% post-consumer content. Producing Facilities: Wholesome Goodness facilities are protective of our natural resources through energy savings, water efficiency, reduction in CO2 emissions and improved indoor environmental quality. We ban over 120 ingredients that are used by other food companies. Whole grain. Source of fiber. Protein. Kosher. Preservative free. No MSG. 0 mg cholesterol. 0 g trans fat. For other great tasting flavors, coupons, recipes, and more: www.wholesome-goodness.com. Facebook: facebook.com/EatWholesome. Product of USA.