Whole Earth Sweetner Jar

New look. 50% fewer calories than traditional sugar (1/2 tsp Turbinado Raw Cane 50 (7.5 calories) sweetens like 1 tsp turbinado sugar (15 calories)). Non GMO Project verified. www.nongmoproject.org. Gluten free. Deliciously Sweet with Half the Calories of Sugar: We explored the world's sweetest sugar canes until we discovered just the right one. Then we blended it with stevia leaf extract to craft Turbinado Raw Cane 50 - a crunchy delicious sweetener with half the calories of sugar. Sprinkle these golden brown crystals in your cereal, fruit, or morning coffee and start your day with a little sweetness. Rethink Sweet: At Whole Earth Sweetener Co., we are continuously rethinking how to source and use the highest quality ingredients to bring you an extensive line of great tasting, lower calorie sweeteners. Nature Sweet zero-calorie blend with stevia & monk fruit in your coffee or tea or squeeze our Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate in your favorite beverages. Also discover our Baking Blend, Honey 50, and Agave 50 products - all blended with stevia for 50% fewer calories than their traditional counterparts. Sweet as 1 tsp of sugar. It's time to rethink sweet! Visit wholeearthsweetener.com to learn more. www.wholeearthsweetener.com. 100% recycled paperboard.