Utz Rice Crisps, Salsa Fresca

All natural brown rice tortilla. Made with whole grain rice. Gluten free. No preservatives. Naturally good for you! Get ready for a new favorite snack. Utz Rice Crisps, made with the finest all natural ingredients including heart healthy whole grain brown rice. In addition to being a tasty and satisfying better for you snack alternative, they are wheat free and gluten free for those with dietary concerns. Goodness in every crunch! Snacking Smart: 11g whole grain rice; 0 g trans fat; no cholesterol. We all love snacking, but it's important to make smart choices when deciding what and how much to eat. That's why we've developed a product line that provides you with Snacking Smart options to fit your healthy lifestyle. This product in particular is better for you because it has no trans fat, no cholesterol and is a good source of whole grain rice. Member Snack Food Association.