The Daily Crave Lentil Chips Aged White Cheddar

3 g protein, kosher, halal, non GMO, artificial flavors or coloring, no hydrogenated fats, 0 g trans. Ancient series. First edition. Breaking News. Read All About It! Perfect dipping. This just in. All of the illustrated stories are fictional. Consumer are moving more and more towards wholesome snacks! Top stories. News Flash: Ancient legumes make a comeback! Since prehistoric times, lentils have been an important party of the human diet. This was due to its high protein and nutritional benefits, as well as its great taste and easy storage. It has played a major role for thousands of years as the replacement for meat and has been enjoyed by kings and ordinary people worldwide. The Daily Crave has combined all of these great benefit and taste into these wonderfully shaped snacks so you can enjoy them on their own or with you favorite dips! So give in to Your Cravings! Mediterranean Foods Continue to Grow in Popularity! Although many of these wonderful and nutritious ingredients have been enjoyed for centuries, their potential benefits are just now being discovered. We already know that legumes have played a major role in that region, but we are now witnessing a surge in popularity in every part of the world and by every culture. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, lentils and whole grains are wonderful way to maintain a healthier lifestyle and can help satisfy your desire for nutrition as well as great taste! Online today! In the media. Lentil Chips are perfect for dipping. Consumer have found these wonderful chips to be great tasting alternative to other snacks. Their unique shapes are perfect for pairing with your favorite dips and can instantly liven up any party! With non GMO and Vegan varieties, you're sure to find the right flavor to suit your snacking desire. So go ahead and give in to your cravings. Local News. Hot topic. Crop circles coincide with missing new snack displays. Local grocery and natural foods stores are reporting missing snack displays in and around Northern California! Although the authorities have not been able to link these disappearances to any particular individuals, the timing has baffled the neighbors. Reports of numerous crop circles and UFOs have concerned the authorities said Jared Edy! UFO enthusiasts have contributed the sightings to a search by ET for ancient grains and legumes due to their nutritional benefits. Later reports have found Lentil Chips pieces with unusual jagged teeth marks leading to the same field. Top stories. News flash. Secret chamber leads to ancient snacking! In a recent archaeological expedition renowned professor Saj Khan unearthed a passageway that led to the discovery of an unknown pharaoh's tomb. He was startled to see that carved on the walls was an offering of what looks to be a bowl of chips to the king. This was the first time we have seen snacks and immortality depicted together said Khan! Later he found evidence of lentils and more chips hidden and around the servant's quarters. It appears then lentil chips were not only being enjoyed just by royalty, so go ahead and snack like an Egyptian! Like us on: Facebook; Instagram; Twitter. Made in USA.