Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, Marshmallow Lover

Hot cocoa mix with marshmallows. 8 - 0.73 oz envelopes cocoa; 8 - 0.2 oz envelopes marshmallows. New & improved. With 5X more marshmallows! Than Swiss Miss Marshmallow variety. Carton made with 100% recycled paperboard. Contains minimum 35% post consumer content. Calcium to help maintain strong bones. Natural antioxidants are found in cocoa. 99.9% caffeine free. When you're craving a little one-on-one time with your child, a mug of Swiss Miss hot cocoa is the simple, delicious way to share a moment. The chocolatey taste makes it the perfect treat and the warmth is a great way to slow down. It's the original family tradition - enjoy it together! Swiss Miss Marshmallow Lovers cocoa mix is made with care in a real dairy where fresh milk from local farms is delivered daily, dried and blended with premium, imported cocoa. Each serving comes with a separate envelope packed with the marshmallows you love. One sip will convince you that it is the best marshmallow way to indulge your chocolate craving. Gluten free.