Sweetarts Valentine Gummy Chewy Candy Heart

Excite your tastebuds with the unique fusion of sweet and tart captured in an adorable heart shaped gummy. A pioneer in taste innovation, SweeTARTS delivers the original flavor combination of delightfully sweet and delicately tart in an array of colorful candy creations. SweeTARTS Gummies pushes the boundaries of the classic Sweet and Tart flavor sensation by bringing a soft fluffy gummy texture to the world of SweeTARTS. SweeTARTS Heart Gummies are packed with the signature flavor that made SweeTARTS a candy classic. SweeTARTS gummies made in the shape of hearts! Limited time only! Soft gummies in seasonal colors that look great in a candy dish! No artificial flavors or colors - colors from natural sources Use these treats as decoration on cakes, cookies, and other Valentine's treats