Sweet N Low Hard Candy, Sugar Free, International Coffee Flavors

Coffee Flavors: Irish cream; French mocha; amaretto; hazelnut. Naturally & artificially flavored. 6 calories per candy. Our popularity among the more health and figure conscious results from the unique taste we achieve within each of our sugar free and reduced calorie products. 50% lower in calories than sugar hard candies. Isomalt and sucralose are sugar free sweeteners made from a natural source - sugar. Isomalt and sucralose give Sweet 'N Low candy a naturally great taste - but with less than 1/2 the calories. Sweet 'N Low International Coffee hard candies contain 30 calories per 15 g serving (6 calories per piece) compared to 60 calories per same size serving of sugar hard candies. Exchange Information: 10 pieces = 1 fruit.