Sun Guard Laundry Aid, Washes in Sun Protection

Transforms everyday clothing into sun-protective gear with a UPF protection of 30. The next generation of sun protection. Add SunGuard to the wash cycle and boost the UPF protection of clothes from UPF 5 to UPF 30 with just one washing. One application lasts through 20 washings but SunGuard can be added to every wash and will not change the look and feel of clothing. Not intended to be used as a spray solution on items such as hats, umbrellas and awnings. SunGuard puts an invisible shield into clothing that helps block more than 96% of the sun's harmful rays from reaching your skin! SunGuard provides a UPF of 30 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) which is a measurement of a fabrics capability to prevent harmful UV rays from reaching your skin. It is similar to SPF ratings for sunscreen.