Star Candle Just Judge

Prayer Candle Co. Just Judge. Justa Juez. Prayer to the Just Judge. Most holy judge, son of Saint Mary, do not let my body be harmed or my blood be spilled. The hands of my lord support me wherever I go. Let not my enemies see me, nor their weapons hurt me, nor their injustices imprison me. May the robe that covered our Lord Jesus Christ, cover my body so that I will never be injured, fatally wounded, or humiliated by public imprisonment; by the intercession of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (pray an our father, a salve Regina, and an Apostle's creed). Amen. Prayer Candle™ Company. Prayer Candle Company, LLC is the religious candle division of Star Candle Company, LLC. ©2014 Star Candle Company, LLC.