Splenda Naturals Jar

New look! 100% natural. Sweetened by nature with erythritol. Recommended no. 1 brand by doctors and dietitians (The Splenda brand family is the sweetener brand recommended most by healthcare professionals clinically treating patients). You take the time to be healthy so we are taking the time to grow the best-tasting stevia sweetener. Splenda. Stevia Farms a division of Heartland Acro, U.S. LLC. A subsidiary of TC Heartland LLC. Splenda Stevia Sweetener is made with two non-GMO sweeteners: stevia leaf extract and erythritol. Stevia leaves are steeped in water to extract the sweet parts of the leaf and then undergo a process to separate, filter and purify the extract. Erythritol is produced by a fermentation process. Suitable for people with diabetes.