Spike Seasoning, Gourmet Natural, Original Magic!

All purpose. New label - same great Spike! New taste excitement starts here! Spike adds zip & zest to all foods! Printed on recycled paper. Gayelord Hauser. www.modernfearn.com. www.spike-it-up.com. Here are some dee-licious recipes for low-fat gourmet cooking from Gayelord Hauser. From the Italian kitchens of internationally acclaimed gourmet nutritionist, Gayelord Hauser, comes this special blend of 39 flavorful herbs, vegetables and nonirradiated exotic spices with just the right amount of salt crystals. Discover the taste excitement that has made Spike Original Magic! the favorite all purpose seasoner with great chefs everywhere. Spike Original Magic! adds a little magic to every meal. It's terrific on salads, sauces, stews, meats, eggs, cottage cheese, pizzas, barbecues, vegetables, salad dressing, dips, appetizers, popcorn, tomato drinks, snacks, and main courses. Spike Original Magic! ads great flavor, not calories! If you are on a salt free or low sodium diet, try our delicious Spike Salt Free Magic! or our low sodium Spike Brand Vegit Magic! seasoners. Spike up your life today! Spike up your life today! Eye opener (healthy bloody Mary) mix 1/2 tsp. (or to taste) of Spike Original Magic! Seasoning of Spike Salt Free Magic! into 6 oz. chilled tomato juice. 35 calories; 0.1 gram fat; 1.4 grams protein. Gayelord Hauser recommends - Spike Original Magic! - The world's most exciting seasoning created in Gayelord Hauser's own kitchen in sunny Italy.