SexyPop Popcorn, Bangin' Cheddar

Come out of your shell. SexyPop is made with the finest Japanese popcorn and aged sharp cheddar. It's so fabulous, it's bangin'! SexyPop sources the best ingredients for its flavors. That's how we do SexyPop! Hey, don't worry if you finish the bag. We are always poppin' for you. When the stars are out, we're poppin'. When it's cloudy, we're poppin'. We're poppin' all the time. We just can't stop poppin'. If you would like to send a case of freshly popped SexyPop to a friend, email us. We'd love to hear from you. You are why we are here. Be smart. Be thoughtful. Be generous. That's sexy. - Rob. New York. London. Paris. GMO free. Cholesterol free. Gluten free. Zero trans fats. rBGH free. Ingredients you'll love! SexyPoppers experience everything at Find our app in the app store.