Scarpetta Fresh Pasta Sauce, Arrabbiata Sauce

Fresh pasta sauce. We are committed to using only fresh and natural ingredients in our authentic Italian recipes. Conveniently package, this jar is microwavable, freezable, and re-usable. Uses are endless. If urgency persists, eat directly with spoon from jar after heating. In Italy, Scarpetta is the way to show appreciation for a homemade meal. This tradition is performed at the end of a meal when there is still a bit of food left on the plate. Do Scarpetta by dragging a piece of bread across the plate to soak up the last flavorful taste. Scarpetta is a way of complimenting the host on the meal, so remember to ask if you may do Scarpetta before savoring the last bite. They will love you for it! Fresh, fast, easy. Gluten free, vegetarian. No sugar, no preservatives. Low count on carbs, fat and cholesterol. Great over pasta, lasagna and pizza. Simmer over chicken, meal or fish. These sauces offer many possibilities for use in easy to prepare meals.