San Francisco Bay Columbian Ground Coffee

Grown responsibly. Fairly traded. The finest beans from Colombia make this one of the richest coffees in the world. One of the major decisions you will make today is your choice of coffee companies. A recent world bank report stated coffee, when grown properly is one of the rare (agricultural) human industries that can actually restore the earth's health. But, what is grown properly? Our coffee buyer spends 5 months a year visiting over 100 farms to find great coffee, insure socially responsible treatment of the workers and environmental practices that protect and restore nature. If the farm needs a school, or housing, or day care, we build it. If a doctor, nurse or food program is needed, we pay for it. We teach organic farming and composting and demonstrate to the farmer that it pays for him to be organic. We pay the farmer more than the cost of production so we can enforce strict guidelines as to coffee quality, improving the quality of life of the workers and preserving nature. We are changing the world; one farm, one house, one clinic, one tree at a time. We guarantee it. Vacuum-packed for roaster fresh flavor. While still warm from the roaster, the beans are vacuum-packed to preserve freshness. A one-way valve allows gas to escape as the beans cool, but prevents air from entering and causing the coffee to become stale. This simple technology give you fresh from the roaster flavor every time. Crafting great coffee with concern for nature, care for people, respect for environment.