Q Soda, Superior Sparkling Lemon

55 calories. Real lemons. Q Lemon tastes better because we make it with real lemons. No artificial and natural flavors. No high fructose corn syrup. Lemons are tart, Lemon soda should be tart. Growing up, I visited my grandma every winter. She had a lemon tree in her yard, and I loved to pick the lemons and drink their juice straight. I grew up. And my tastes changed. But I still like the taste of real, tart lemons. So I make Q Lemon with real lemons and then lightly sweeten it with just a dash or organic cane sugar. It's tart and crisp, yet refreshing. And tastes like it comes from Grandma Jana's tree. Enjoy, Jordan Silbert, Founder. One lemon is a full day's supply of vitamin C. But that's the whole fruit - the juice only holds about a third. Better start eating rinds. Learn more at QDrinks.com.