Q Drinks Mixer, Kola

Crafted for rum & whisky. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Real ingredients less sweet with agave (Less sweet means that we use less sugar than the big guys (26% less than the leading brand, which has 24 g of sugar per 222 ml. Yikes!). We don't use less sugar because we are counting calories. We do it to make a better drink! A mixer that's too sweet masks the subtleties of your favorite spirit). Make Your Drink Spectacular. With agave and a delicate mix of carefully selected spices including vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, Q Kola is the perfect balance of tang, spice, sweet and savory. Make your favorite drink even better. I started Q Mixers after a warm summer night in my backyard with great friends and good gin. A few sips in, my teeth felt sticky, the bubbles were gone, and the taste of my gin was lost in cloying sweetness. Picking up the tonic water I saw why - a big plastic bottle already flat, loaded with high fructose corn syrup! I set out to make superior mixers. Ones that would make my favorite drinks even better. I source the best ingredients from all over the world and perfect each recipe until I love it. Not too sweet, so you can taste your spirit). And perfectly carbonated so you never get a flat drink. Cheers! - Jordan, Founder. Take one bad idea, add puritanical government regulation, and what do you get? Blockbuster commercial success! Ever heard of Pemberton's French Wine Coca? Nobody has. But this was John Pemberton's first take on a beverage. When his county in Georgia went dry he was forced to change his formula and the name, giving us - Coca-Cola. www.qmixers.com. For more delicious recipes, visit us at www.qmixers.com. Please recycle.