PopCrinkles Popped Potato Crinkles, Sour Cream & Onion

New! Simply the better choice. 60% less fat than the leading potato chip! Gluten-free. Hey, Cyrus Crinkle here. I'm the PopCorners pop-perfectionist - The one who's had it with greasy fried snacks that leave you feeling like you were deep fried. That's why I invented PopCrinkles - a popped chip with the delicious hearty potato chip taste and texture we love and none of the greasy calories we can all do without. In fact, PopCrinkles have 60% less fat than other chips. Sounds impossible? Well, crunch your way to the bottom of this bag and see for yourself. Then pop on in to www.popcrinkles.com and tell me what you think of these unbelievably unfried chips! PopCrinkles.com. facebook.com/popcrinkles. PopCrinkles: Total Fat: 3 g; Calories: 100. Leading Brand A (Nutritional values based on a 1 oz serving): Total Fat: 9 g; Calories: 150. Leading Brand B (Nutritional values based on a 1 oz serving): Total Fat: 10 g; Calories: 160. Made in the USA.