Pirates Booty Tings, Lotso Nacho

Baked. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Gluten free. Certified gluten-free. Epic flavor! Super crunchy! New! Take a snack adventure on the wild side and discover Pirate's Booty Wild Tings. Pirate's Booty Wild Tings is a bolder and crunchier snack that delivers delicious, adventurous flavor without compromise! These super tasty corn sticks are baked to perfection with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Pirate's Booty Wild Tings is a great-tasting corn snack that is baked, not fried, is gluten free and delivers the perfect nacho flavor. At Pirate Brands, we have been creating treasured snacks since 1987 with the belief you shouldn't have to snackrifice taste for goodness - Arrr! You've discovered our new delicious and crunchy snack to satisfy your adventurous taste buds so - Get hooked! Try our other Pirate's Booty Wild Tings flavor. www.piratebrands.com. Facebook: /PiratesBooty. Twitter: (at)PiratesBooty. Instagram: (at)PiratesBooty. Pinterest: /PirateBootySnax. Questions or comments? Visit www.piratebrands.com. Try our other fun, delicious products.