Pig Out Pigless Bacon Chips Chipotle

Chef-crafted. Cholesterol free. Contains 10 g total fat per serving. 73% less saturated fat. 68% less sodium than cooked pork bacon (Cooked pork bacon contains 3.7 g saturated fat and 680 mg sodium per ounce. Pig Out Chipotle Pigless Bacon Chips contain 1 g saturated fat and 220 mg sodium per ounce). Plant based. Non-GMO. Vegan. Certified kosher. Gluten-free. Pigless bacon is tasty as hell! Rich in antioxidants vitamin E. Full of flavor. Free of guilt. Outstanding Foods was founded to create tasty as hell plant-based foods that everyone can love! How do we make our products so full of flavor and free of guilt? We keep it real with pure, wholesome ingredients - and nothing artificial or from animals. To top it off, every product is skillfully prepared for you by renowned chef Dave Anderson with his proprietary chef-crafted methods. Chef Dave won't let anything leave his kitchen until it tastes absolutely Outstanding! Snack from the bag or add to your favorite recipes: BLT's; mac and cheese; salads; avocado toast. How do we make our Cheddar Pig Out chips taste just like crispy chipotle bacon? Pig Out chips are made with majestic mushrooms, which are carefully cooked and seasoned to create an authentic bacon taste. Chef Dave adds a pinch of his signature alchemy and just a touch of smokiness and chipotle seasoning for a highly satisfying flavor you won't find anywhere else - all without harming a single pig! The result is a completely Outstanding plant-based chip that tastes ridiculously good! And since it has none of the bad stuff, you can pig out and never feel guilty! Pigless bacon is delicious! www.pigoutchips.com.