Oregon Red Raspberries, in Heavy Syrup

Whole berries in heavy syrup. Specialty fruit. Hand selected. All natural. Picked ripe. Since 1935. All natural, nothing artificial. Oregon Specialty Fruit is picked ripe at the peak of the season in our growers' fields. We capture the taste and appearance that nature delivers by hand selecting each piece of fruit that reaches you. We never add anything artificial - trusting the pure goodness of our natural fruit to inspire. Nothing says summer in Oregon like the arrival of the lively red raspberry with its distinct and celebrated flavor. Red raspberries are a delicate fruit with rich sweetness that packs a punch when paired with dark chocolate or cheesecake. Versatile and lively, they are unmatched in savory sauces and a contemporary standard for flavorful lemonades. Find recipes and fruit inspiration at: www.oregonfruit.com. facebook.com/oregonfruit. Product of USA.