Once Again Peanut Butter, Natural, Old Fashioned, Crunchy, Salted

Just peanuts and salt! CSA - Gluten free certified. Vegan. Kosher. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Employee - owned. Founded 1976. We spread integrity. Mark's favorite - Maintenance. Our Old Fashioned is made with roasted peanuts, and milled with the skins left on. They show as speckles inside the container, and with a touch of salt, it's old fashioned! Oil separation occurs naturally. To prevent, stir and refrigerate or freeze. We package in glass jars to preserve the flavor profile and maximize the shelf-life of our products, and glass is conducive to recycling. Our Raccoon Logo: Four baby raccoons grew up on the factory grounds. Apparently orphaned, they really enjoyed our nut butters. So - in turn, we adopted them and created our company logo in their honor. The Once Again family helped the raccoons in their early months, and then released them into the forest. Our by-products are donated to area farms or to nature lovers who often use them as animal and bird foods. Our raccoon mascot has become a symbol of our wholesome nature, our closeness and responsibility to Earth and the nature of our products. www.onceagainnutbutter.com. Please recycle glass jars. Product of USA.