Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

For people who don't like dandruff shampoo. Leaves hair healthy and shiny. Leaves hair soft. Won't leave scalp dry and flaky. Won't leave hair straw-like, dull or stiff. Won't smell or feel like dandruff shampoo. Gentle enough to use everyday, even on color treated or permed hair. No artificial colorants or dyes used. Now you can have healthy, shiny hair while controlling your common scalp problems. And you can achieve it all without the unpleasant smell and drying effects of traditional, gooky dandruff shampoos. This elegant formula contains Salicylic Acid, a proven, effective ingredient which breaks down annoying scalp build- up so it can be rinsed away. Gentle-acting ingredients relieve dandruff while the rich lather leaves your hair healthy and shiny.