Nesquik Chocolate Flavor

7 servings. Freshlock zipper. Resealable bag. Nesquik has 25% less sugar than the leading syrup brand. Good to know. Nesquik provides 100 mg more calcium than milk alone, to help build strong bones (10% DV more calcium per serving). Milk alone: 300 mg calcium. Milk + Nesquik: 400 mg calcium. Nestle. Since 1886. Good to compare. 8 fl oz beverage: Nesquik; Total sugars: 25 g; % DV Calcium: 40%; High fructose corn syrup: no. 8 fl oz beverage: leading chocolate syrup brands; Total sugars: 32 g; % DV Calcium: 30-40%; High fructose corn syrup: yes. 8 fl oz beverage: leading kids' juice drinks (average sugar level of kids' juice drink: If you compare 6.75 fl oz of juice drink vs 6.75 fl oz of Nesquik in milk, the sugar levels are 25 g sugar vs 21 g respectively); Total sugars: 30 g; % DV Calcium: 0-15%; High fructose corn syrup: yes. (Sugar content is based on mixing Nesquik powder or sugar brands with 1% milk. Milk contributes 12 g of sugar). (Percentage represents daily value.) (13 g vs 20 g sugar/svg in other leading brands. This product contains 25 g of sugar when mixed with 1 cup of milk.) Contains no artificial sweeteners. 99.9% caffeine free.