Sweetened multi-grain cereal with natural fruit flavors. 12 vitamins & minerals. 0 g trans fat. Naturally cholesterol free. Guaranteed great taste! Wholesome and Nutritious: Tootie Fruities are made from wholesome multi-grains and natural fruit flavors, plus 12 essential vitamins and minerals. They're naturally cholesterol free, low in fat and have 0 grams trans fat. Betcha can't taste the difference - we guarantee it! We set out to create a lower cost, great tasting cereal that competes with more expensive brands. We're sure your family will love Tootie Fruities too. Costs Less: Ounce for ounce, Malt-O-Meal cereals cost less than the competing box brands. We save by limiting packaging and advertising costs, and focusing on quality. We pass those savings on to you!