Melitta Cafe de Europa Prefill Capsules Espresso Della Toscano

Cafe De Europa. Bold and rich flavor. 12 individually sealed freshness packs. Works in Keurig Style Brewers (Melitta Filter Cups and Melitta Products are not affiliated with or approved by Keurig Green Mountain Inc). See, smell and taste the difference. Filter brewed for more flavor & aroma. 100% recyclable. Unique design allows you to see the coffee and smell the aroma. Freshness pack locks in flavor. Made with Melitta filter provide richer, bolder coffee. 100% recyclable. Will not fit in Rivo or VUE brewing systems. Scan for more info. Visit us and follow us at: Savor the flavor of gourmet European Cafe coffee in your Keurig machine. Our Melitta single-serve cups are made with 100% premium high-grown Arabica beans, batch roasted and ground extra fine. Each is enclosed in a thermal-sealed pack for ultimate freshness. The innovative cup design allows water to fully saturate the coffee, maximizing flavor extraction. The result is a bold and more flavorful coffee experience. Enjoy! Not for use with Rivo or VUE brewing system. Recyclable. Inner filter cup made in China coffee roasted and Packed in the USA.