Madhava Sweetner Allulose Simpla

Vegan. Gluten free. 0 Sugar alcohols. Keto friendly. Clean & simple. 1:1 Replacement for Sugar. Simple Zero Calorie sweetener is an allulose plus fiber blend that measures and tastes like real sugar, without the calories. A rare but naturally occurring sweetener, allulose isn't metabolized by your body, so it doesn't affect blood sugar levels. Simple has: 0 sugar alcohols. 0 g net carbs. Clean, simple sweetness with no aftertaste. Madhava Sets the Standard for Purity: Madhava clean & simple brings the goodness of nature and the benefits of science together to your table: Ingredients are mindfully sourced. We only select products that test highest for purity. Quality, transparency and food safety are top priority. 1:1 Measures like sugar. Tastes like sugar. Questions or comments? 1-800-530-2900. Clean Label Project: Purity Award. Tested for 130 contaminants. Tested for over 130 harmful environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins, including heavy metals and pesticides. Winner of Clean Label Project award for Purity. Learn more at