Magic Pop is: Low in calories! Low in fat! Perfect right out of the bag, topped with sweet and savory spreads or paired with soups, salads, cheese. The possibilities are endless! What's the Magic Pop Story? After years of working together in the food business in South Korea, married couple and business partner Mr. and Mrs. Kim decided it was high time for everyone to enjoy the crisp and tasty goodness of freshly-popped Korean snack cakes. But how? The machines that make these delicacies were the size of a refrigerator! Mr. Kim applied his business and engineering knowledge to the task. The result? Table top Magic Pop machines that turn out fresh grain snack cakes right in your local super- market. So now you too can munch on Magic Pop-the crunchy, delicious, multigrain snack that's magically in fat and calories... magically versatile and fresh! Enjoy Original Flavor, Sea Salt and Strawberry. More varieties coming soon